Comparing Community Card Poker Games

All community card poker games are characterized by the incomplete hand that each poker player receives and by the shared cards placed at a visible part of the poker table. With such specific characteristics, one may tend to believe that there is only one variant of the community card poker game. As it happens, creativity is one of the talents of poker players. And they have come up with several variants of the community card poker games. Here is a comparison of some of these poker variants.

� Texas Hold'em - being the most popular community card poker game, this poker variant is characterized by four betting rounds. The first betting round happens when each poker player receives two personal cards. The second betting round is done when there are three community cards already opened and this round is called the flop. A fourth community card is added and this is followed by a third betting round called the turn. And, at last, the fifth community card is revealed and this is followed by the fourth betting round called the river. With more than one player remaining, there will be a showdown. The Texas Hold'em is the final game in the World Series of Poker and this is usually done at the no-limits betting structure.

� Pineapple - Instead of receiving two personal cards, each poker player of Pineapple poker is dealt with three cards. From among these three cards, the poker player must immediately remove or discard one. Then, the Pineapple poker is carried out in a way similar to Texas Hold'em.

� Crazy Pineapple - Similar to the Pineapple, each poker player receives three cards. The poker players must also discard the cards. But the discarding of cards is done only after the second betting round and before the fourth community card is revealed. Crazy Pineapple is great for a high-low split

� Tahoe poker - This poker variant is similar to the Pineapple poker in which there are three cards dealt to each player. But in Tahoe poker, there will be no cards discarded by the poker player. The only restriction is that the poker player can only use two or less of the three cards dealt to him

� Omaha - This is a poker variant which is based on the original Texas Hold'em. The betting rounds and the layout of the board are the same. But the poker players of the Omaha Hold'em are dealt with four cards, instead of the usual two in Texas Hold'em. Then, at showdown, the poker player must form the best hand out of three community cards and two personal cards.

The poker player needs to compare the community card poker games and decide which one (or two) suits him best. The poker player may also decide to play and master all of them.