East Chicago Poker Game Broken Up By Police

Police raided and broke up a high-stakes poker game in East Calumet, East Chicago, arresting 12 people, and seizing a large amount of cash and 19 cases of beer.

Neighbors told authorities of their suspicion that some sort of illegal activity was going on in the three-flat 5004 Alexander Ave. address, which they think was being conducted in the rear apartment of the building. They also suspected that the unlicensed sale of alcoholic beverages was going on.

Friday just before 8 p.m., investigators from the gang and narcotics unit peeked inside the apartment unit and found people gambling, according to their report.

When the police knocked on the back door, a 67-year-old Hammond man opened the door to them, though they observed that nobody in the group looked like they lived in the apartment. Nobody would also say who was in charge. The detectives also noted that they found no evidence that the apartment was occupied as a residence.

Two boxfuls of cash were found by police in the living room where they first saw people playing cards. They also said that they found a sealed lockbox, which also contained cash as well as a ledger.

People ranging from ages 33 to 73 were taken into custody pending charges of maintaining a common nuisance and visiting a common nuisance.

"The days of open illegal activity in East Chicago are coming to an end," Police Chief Angelo Machuca Jr. said Tuesday.