John Vorhaus' Book for People Who Conduct Home Poker Games

We were all surprised with how poker became very popular all over the world. We have all been witnesses to the increasing number of people going in and out of casinos and gambling facilities to play poker on a regular basis. What even surprises us is the fact that poker is not only played in casinos and gambling establishments. There are now a lot of poker players who conduct poker events at home with their friends. It is but imminent to anticipate the fact that even poker authors would start writing books about home poker games. As a matter of fact, there are already several books existing about such subject and one of the authors who have written a book about it is John Vorhaus. The title of the poker book he has written is "Poker Night." "Poker Night" was published by Saint Martin's Griffin and this poker book contains two hundred seventy five pages and costs US$13.95.

The main topic discussed in "Poker Night" is the pros and cons of conducting and participating in home poker. Poker players might have the notion that John Vorhaus intends to reach experienced poker players but the truth is that this poker book caters to players who are not really experts. John Vorhaus even aims to reach novice poker players through this poker book. As a matter of fact, the introduction provided by John Vorhaus in this book effectively accommodates neophytes. Furthermore, basic information on poker is discussed in the next chapters of "Poker Night."

The decisions that need to be made by people who will host home poker games are discussed by John Vorhaus in "Poker Night." Some of the factors that need to be considered before organizing such event include the number of chips needed, the frequency of the game, and the considerations of stakes. John Vorhaus provides various preferences as he discusses this subject but he makes it a point to emphasize his own opinion as to how poker players can conduct the best home poker game possible.

Aside from the topic of conducting such casino game at home, John Vorhaus also tackles in "Poker Night" the topic of poker in general, such as its rules and several poker strategies. Some types of poker games are mentioned by John Vorhaus in "Poker Night," including Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and Holdem. Some pages of this poker book are also dedicated to such subject as the high-low split game.

Reading "Poker Night" will not make readers skillful because the strategies mentioned are not adequate to help them master the game. And besides, the focus of "Poker Night" is poker events organized at home and not the application of poker strategies.

"Poker Night" is ideal for poker players who are determined to organize and maintain successful home games of poker.