New Online Poker Games

Zone4Play, a foremost developer software and technology for the online gambling industry, today presented a new and only one of its kind poker game Face-Up Holdem - for multiple online-gaming platforms, this move of Zone4Play has caused its shares to sore high into the sky in the London Stock Exchange market and it seems that the new online poker game is about to make much commotion in online poker rooms in the couple of months ahead of us.

The online poker industry has developed to a fully independent industry that makes $4 billion in revenues last year - 2005. The new copyright-pending answer, "Face-Up Holdem", which is based on the well-liked texas holdem poker game, but with a set odds twirl, will be accessible on all the online poker platforms in the UK, together with mobile and interactive TV shows. The company has already signed numerous contracts to provide its new online poker game for several international interactive TV channels.