Playing Winning No Limit Sit and Go

What makes No Limit sit and go games difficult for some is that there are always adjustments that need to be made as the event goes on. This is a fact, but it is also true that anyone can make the proper fine tuning as long as he is aware of the stage of the tourney he is in, and what the implications are.

If a No Limit sit and go has just started, then you should play it the way you would any Poker tournament: that is, with your survival being the foremost concern. Play it as tight as possible, without allowing your stack to be blinded away.

In the middle portion or phase you will have to alter your approach, and this is where a lot of No Limit players make mistakes. The middle stage is when the blinds start to increase. Usually it is now 10% of your stack, but this will vary with every tourney that you enter. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that the blinds are now a factor, so your sit and go strategy will have to be on stealing some of the blinds.

The best time to attempt a steal in a No Limit sit and go is when no one has made a raise on the big blind. At this point you should enter with a raise (usually thrice the size of the big blind). The chances of you stealing the blind will be large, because the fact that no one has entered the pot suggests that they are holding weak hands. Obviously this tactic would be more difficult to pull off if someone has already made a move on the pot.

If you are in early position but hold a premium hand (i.e. AA or KK) you should not raise immediately. A better No Limit strategy would be to limp in, and wait for the opportunity to check raise when it is your turn to act again.

At the latter stages, your No Limit sit and go strategy will depend almost entirely on your stack size. If you are short, the best way forward is to attack. If you are holding an ace paired with any decent hand, not necessarily a high card, you should go all in. The same strategy you can use when you are holding medium to high pocket pairs.

If you are on the button you should still push in, particularly if you find yourself holding pocket tens or higher. What you need to remember about being short stacked is that aggression is the only way out of the predicament.

If you are in between the short and the large ones, you should avoid getting into any confrontation between the two, and concentrate on accumulating your chips. Let the big stack take out the small ones, while you just play for a few pots. Hopefully by the time the small stacks are gone, you have enough to play against the chip leaders.

Of course if you have the most chips you just try to take everybody out. The point here is that to win in a No Limit sit and go, you will have to make a total adjustment of your game, from tight early on to being aggressive later. Play this way, and you will find yourself winning in a lot of tables.