A Quick Glance at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2005

After a very successful start in 2004, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure found its way into the very beautiful Atlantis Resort & Casino at Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This time, it is more fun and exciting than the inaugural tournament. This year, this poker tournament became one of the official events of the World Poker Tour. This event is co-sponsored by the world's biggest online poker card room PokerStars.

By playing online, players can get an excellent chance to participate in this world class poker extravaganza. Once they survive these games, all they have to do is sign a waiver that gives the World Poker Tour the right and privilege to air their images. The other requirements can also be seen online.

Players can join the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure either by winning satellite games provided by the organizers of the event, winning board events such as the Tournament Leader or Frequent Player Point, or buying themselves directly into the event. The cost of a direct buy-in would be $7,800 plus an additional $200.

From the 5th to the 12th of January 2005, the second season of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure took place and delivered another action-packed tournament for everyone to enjoy. This year, it was John Gale's turn for poker glory as he defeated Alex Balandin in the final round. Because of this victory, he was able to collect a grand total of $890,600. Among the other players that he defeated to win this tournament are Nenad Medic, John Cernuto, Michael Westerlund and Patrick Hocking.

The entire tournament was indeed very thrilling to watch. From start to finish, the players delivered big time by displaying their excellent skills and strategies in the game. Medic, Cernuto, Westerlund and Hocking carefully executed their game play but it was the combination of luck, skill, as well as the proper execution of strategies that helped Balandin and Gale reach the final round. As the game progressed, viewers watch in awe as Gale was able to defeat Balandin in a classic manner.

The success of this event proved to be too much as more and more players are doing their very best to get into the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament. Despite everything that this tournament has achieved in a very short span, more are still expected. Watch out for more exciting innovations and prizes to come into this wondrous poker event. This event is a must-join for all the serious poker players out there.